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Ron Wyden: Different. Like Oregon.

Wyden has strong concerns over cozy relationship between regulators, oil and gas companies

Posted in Environment, Changing D.C..

Senator Ron Wyden's working to change the nature of Washington, and that means taking on the revolving door between government regulators and the big oil and gas companies.

At a hearing of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee late last week, Senator Wyden had sharp words on the cozy relationship between corporations like BP and the government agencies that are supposed to regulate them. He strongly criticized the practice that sees former regulators going to work for the same companies they once worked to regulate.

"I want to see the rules changed and the laws changed," said Senator Wyden. "[Seeing an] end to sweetheart relationships between industry and government is a prerequisite to regaining credibility here."

To watch the committee hearing in full, including Senator Wyden's testimony, please click here. He begins speaking at the 126-minute mark.

Posted on June 28, 2010 in Environment, Changing D.C..