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Ron Wyden: Different. Like Oregon.

Ron Wyden: A Senator Who's Different

Posted in video.

When it comes to Washington D.C., our Senator, Ron Wyden, is a little different. But as Oregonians, we’re glad he isn’t a typical politician.

Today we are releasing our first television ad, and we wanted to give you a sneak peek as it hits the airwaves.

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Our new ad tells the story of how Ron has stubbornly refused to conform to the D.C. model, staying true to his Oregon values.

Washington can be a brutal place, but he stands apart from other Senators because he remembers his roots and isn’t afraid to stand up for us – regardless of the risks.

Ron got his start in politics a little different from most. When he saw seniors weren’t getting the respect and rights they deserved, he co-founded the Oregon Gray Panthers to protect the elderly from insurance fraud and phone scams and ran a legal clinic to provide assistance to low-income seniors.

In the Senate, he’s taken on the rich and powerful to vote against the $700 billion Wall Street bailouts and fought to block big bonuses for CEOs at companies like AIG paid for with our tax dollars.

With your help, we can make sure every Oregonian can see our message and learn why it's critical we stand with Senator Ron Wyden. Take a moment to share this with your friends – posting it to Facebook or forwarding this email to a friend!

Posted on August 20, 2010 in video.