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Ron Wyden: Different. Like Oregon.

No to Bank Bailouts, Taxpayer-Funded Bonuses

Tired of politicians puttting Wall Street first, while we come in last? Ron Wyden opposed the big $700 billion Wall Street bailout and is fighting to protect regular consumers like us with real reforms that hold the banks and financiers accountable.

Take a stand with Ron and join his campaign today! His values are our values:

  • He bucked two Presidents and his party leadership by voting twice against big $700 billion Wall Street bailouts.

  • When Wall Street executives took millions in bonuses using federal tax bailout dollars, Ron took a stand. He was one of only a few Senators to oppose this ridiculous practice.

  • He's on our side – he created the Build America Bonds program that is putting people back to work, creating jobs and improving our infrastructure.

Ron has consistently stood with us - not with corporate executives. That's why he needs us to stand with him today.