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Ron Wyden: Different. Like Oregon.


September 8, 2010Ron Wyden fights to create lasting jobs in Southern Oregon's e-commerce businesses
August 26, 2010Wyden goes to bat for Oregon's rural, coastal communities
August 11, 2010Senator Ron Wyden's Build America Bonds - creating Oregon jobs
July 21, 2010Wyden Introduces STORAGE Act to Build Clean Energy Industry
July 20, 2010Senator Ron Wyden Fights to Extend Critical Unemployment Assistance to 60,000 Oregonians
June 23, 2010Our soldiers deserve to come home to a job
June 17, 2010Wyden breaks ground on clean energy and wins investment in high-tech Oregon businesses
June 14, 2010Oregonian Letters: "We need Senator Wyden's Eastside Forest Plan"
June 7, 2010Eugene Register Guard: Wyden's Eastside Forest Plan "needs and deserves strong support."
April 30, 2010Senator Wyden delivering energy independence and jobs to Eastern Oregon
April 22, 2010The National Guard Needs Your Help
April 15, 2010On Tax Day, Senator Wyden fights for a better way
April 6, 2010Senator Ron Wyden Fights for Good Jobs for Oregon's Veterans
March 3, 2010Sen. Ron Wyden: Standing up and delivering for our Country's most vulnerable
February 26, 2010HuffPo: Wyden stands up for unemployment and health benefits for out-of-work Americans
February 24, 2010Reaction: Wyden-Gregg proposal offers middle-class tax cuts, is a "light of hope"
January 22, 2010Wyden praises Facebook coming to Prineville, creating more than 200 Central Oregon jobs
January 11, 2010Senator Wyden on Medford's KOBI-TV
January 6, 2010Wyden, Merkley secure $5 million for Oregon renewable energy job training, job creation
December 16, 2009Senator Wyden Proposes Historic Legislation to Bring Oregon Timber and Conservation Groups Together

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