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Ron Wyden: Different. Like Oregon.

TAKE ACTION NOW: NSA data-mining has to stop

It's a massive intrusion, folks.

The National Security Agency's bulk collection of personal data is a terrible violation of the rights of everyday Americans.

We need to do something about this. Sign my petition now.

Whether you're from Portland, Oregon, or Portland, Maine, or someplace in-between, you expect to be able to live free of unwarranted intrusion into our private lives, without the federal government blindly downloading our email and phone data. We call on Congress to end the NSA bulk data-mining right now.

Sign my petition: Tell Congress to get its act together and end the bulk record collection now.

Senator Ron Wyden

To the U.S. Congress:

The NSA's use of data-mining and surveillance programs against everyday Americans is wrong. Please act immediately to protect our basic constitutional rights by immediately ending the bulk data-mining and record collection programs.

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