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About your browser history

The FBI has no business snooping around the web browser history of law-abiding Americans without getting approval from a court first. That just makes sense.

Sign the Petition: tell Congress “Hands off my browser history!"

Yet, that’s exactly what some in Congress are pushing for right now – a bill that would allow the FBI to use an administrative subpoena to gather digital records, including chat records and browsing history, of regular American citizens without any court supervision or the knowledge of the person being snooped on.

I’m fighting back against this unnecessary proposal that violates our right to privacy and doesn't make us any safer!

Watching a person’s web browsing is a lot like spying on their innermost thoughts and feelings. Unless there is an emergency, this level of intrusiveness by law enforcement needs court oversight!

Join me in fighting back.


Posted on July 11, 2016.

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