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We want answers

Not so fast.

This morning, the Finance Committee was set to vote on two of Trump’s nominees who have misled the public and withheld information.

I made it clear: We’re not moving forward with a vote on Rep. Tom Price or Steven Mnuchin until we get honest answers to important ethical questions.

If confirmed, Mnuchin would serve as Treasury secretary and Price would be in charge of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Price seems to have a bad habit of investing in companies that he could influence with his legislative activity. I asked Rep. Price directly if he got an exclusive discount on stock in an Australian biomedical firm.

Price said no. The evidence shows otherwise.

Mnuchin was in charge of a bank that is known for foreclosing on homes without properly reviewing them during the housing crisis. We asked Mnuchin if his bank engaged in robo-signing of mortgage documents for OneWest Bank.

Mnuchin said no. The evidence shows otherwise.

I’m standing firm on this one.

Can we rely on Mnuchin to stand up for working families as our top economic official? Can we trust Price to put the American people’s interests over his own?

We’re not moving forward until we know the answer to these questions.

Posted on January 31, 2017.

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