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Pruitt's on his way to the final vote. Sign to stop him!

Should polluters’ best friend Scott Pruitt head the Environmental Protection Agency?

No way.

We believe in protecting our clean air, land, and water – and passing it on to our children. We want to be able to trust the water running through a mountain stream or through a pipe to your kitchen is safe. We can’t allow Pruitt to roll back our standards for our health and environment.

Sign my petition to tell the U.S. Senate to vote NO on Pruitt’s nomination!

Pruitt has colluded with Big Oil to dismantle the EPA’s worker protections, diminish air quality standards, and stand in the way of our progress toward fighting climate change. Pruitt is backed by several billionaire oil and gas executives – not to mention the Koch Brothers. I have very little trust in him.

This week, Democrats boycotted the vote on Pruitt in committee, but Republicans barreled ahead with his nomination anyway. Now he’s on his way to a full Senate vote and now is the time to stop him in his tracks.

We need to make sure Republicans hear us and defend our health and environment! Your voice is critical right now.

Add your name to tell the Senate to reject Scott Pruitt!


Posted on February 4, 2017.

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