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You get knocked down.

You probably don't know this -- but I'm a huge fan of the "Rocky" movies.

Now, if you've seen any of the "Rocky" movies, you'll know that in his most important fights, he always loses the first few rounds. He gets knocked around a little and takes a few good licks -- but he keeps standing and figures out his opponent's best punches. Then he walks back to his corner.

That's kind of how I felt this week. We got knocked around, we may have lost a round or two, but we're still standing, back in our corner and most importantly -- we've figured out how we're going to win.

For example, when we raised our voice against Betsy DeVos, two Republican Senators flipped against her - because we engaged people to be active. She barely made it through.

That tied vote proved that there are cracks and divisions in Donald Trump's foundation. Cracks and divisions created by your emails, phone calls, and the chorus of millions Americans whose voices together are resisting a radical agenda propagated by unqualified cabinet members and senior advisors.

Rest assured your voice matters. What we’re doing matters and we will win.

We may lose some early rounds, but we’re mobilizing a resistance that’s growing every day. A resistance that will keep standing. I know you’re not giving up and neither am I.

Let’s get back out there and keep fighting.


Posted on February 11, 2017.

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