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Remember Steven Mnuchin?

Remember Steven Mnuchin, nominee for Secretary of Treasury?
With all of the shady characters emerging from the Trump administration it can be hard to keep track.

Quick recap: He’s the guy who conveniently “forgot” to disclose $100 million in real estate to our committee and runs off-shore hedge funds in Anguilla. He’s the one who failed to give our committee the full answer about the thousands of middle-class families that were foreclosed on while he was in charge of OneWest Bank. He’s one of the guys who the Republicans passed out of committee without a single Democrat present because we were demanding these answers.
Donald Trump made a lot of campaign promises to working folks. But the picks he's made show us he's really fighting for billionaires and big corporations, not families and working people.

Mr. Mnuchin should absolutely not be our top economic official.
The Senate is voting on him tonight, and you bet I’ll be leading the charge against him on the floor.

Thanks for staying in this fight with me.

Posted on February 13, 2017.

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