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Seriously? Meals on Wheels?

Donald Trump has reached a new low.

He’s been waging a war against seniors, veterans, and low-income and disabled Americans for weeks. To start, the Trumpcare proposal slashes Medicaid benefits for nursing home care and threatens Medicare funding in favor of a tax breaks for the wealthy few.

Now, he’s proposed a budget that eliminates the grant program that funds Meals on Wheels. Meanwhile, he wants to pour money into a ridiculous border wall with Mexico.

This is the epitome of Trump's war on seniors – especially low-income seniors.

I volunteer with Meals on Wheels. I’ve seen first-hand how crucial this program is for seniors, veterans, and many others in Oregon. The value of bringing a warm meal with a smile goes way above and beyond the financial cost.

Letting seniors go hungry is a cruel punishment.

This budget is an embarrassing display of Trump’s priorities – share if you agree!

Posted on March 16, 2017.

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