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Trump can’t keep a promise

Donald Trump can’t seem to keep any of his promises – especially when it comes to health care. He clearly misled the public to pass the Republicans' disastrous plan.

He promised to protect Medicaid and Medicare – but Trumpcare includes billions of dollars in cuts that will hurt the most vulnerable Americans.

He promised prices would go down—but under Trumpcare, premiums, deductibles, and prescription costs will go up.

He promised people with pre-existing conditions would still be covered—but Trumpcare allows insurance companies to deny people coverage for everything from arthritis to tooth disease to pregnancy.

Now Americans will pay the price unless we put on the pressure and stop this bill. I’ll be raising my voice and fighting back in the Senate – but I need your help. Add your name to stop Trumpcare 2.0 in the Senate!

House Republicans voted on Trumpcare without a full analysis from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, so we don’t know exactly how many people will lose their health care under this law. It could be 24 million as it was under the first bill—or it could be millions more.

That’s not the right way to do things. Rushing this bill through the House allowed Trump and Republicans to say whatever they wanted about it. The public is in the dark about just how awful this bill could be toward the American people’s health.

We must stop the Trumpcare 2.0 in the Senate – add your name if you agree!

Posted on May 8, 2017.

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