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Call to Action: Internet users unite!

Today is the net neutrality day of action when websites, internet users, and online communities come together to protect the free and open internet.

Submit your official comment to the FCC and ask them to defend net neutrality!

If we lose this fight, online communications will be controlled by a handful of big telecom companies like Comcast and AT&T—and the users with the most money can pay for the internet “fast lane” while the rest of us are left behind.

Without net neutrality, anyone could pay to dominate the internet. Fight back today!

Here’s an example: A big oil company could pay to speed up the misinformation posted on a bill that rolls back our clean air and water protections. Or Comcast could speed up a streaming service it owns for free while the little guy would have to pay to compete. They will stifle our voices unless we raise them together now.

Add your name to submit your official comment to protect net neutrality!

Posted on July 12, 2017.

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