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Defend New Mexico’s Martin Heinrich!

My colleague Martin Heinrich and I sit on the Senate Intelligence Committee together. He’s from New Mexico and comes from a blue collar family.

Martin’s a stand-up guy that fights with integrity every day in Congress – and now he needs us fighting for him.

Koch brother-backed groups targeted him with dark money attack ads in 2012 – and they’re gearing up to do the same again. Join me and donate today to defend Heinrich for Congress!

Last week, Donald Trump’s announcement to reverse DACA put hundreds of thousands of people in danger of losing everything: the roof over their heads, the paycheck that feeds their families, and their hopes for the future.

Martin has been an advocate for Dreamers since Trump’s first threat. Last January, he introduced a bill to protect Dreamers and keep their private info from being used by Trump administration to deport them.

Sen. Martin Heinrich stands up for the families of New Mexico and defends the progress we’ve made as a nation. We cannot afford to lose Heinrich – let’s defend his Senate seat in 2018 and fight to pick up more!

Donate today and defend Sen. Martin Heinrich from the Koch brothers’ dark money attacks!

Posted on September 13, 2017.

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