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Act now! 10 days until the repeal of affordable health care

Let’s be clear.

Republicans in the Senate are racing against the clock to repeal the Affordable Care Act. They have until September 30 to dismantle our health care on a party-line vote. So of course, they’re breaking all the rules and pulling out all the stops.

They’re going to push for a vote on Trumpcare without knowing how much money it costs or how many lives will be lost. It’s an absolute abomination.

We only have 10 days to speak out, show up, and tell Congress how terrible Trumpcare will be if it passes. Share this post on Facebook!

This is the most damaging version yet. It’s going to cut coverage for children, people with disabilities, and seniors. It’s going to be a nightmare for people with pre-existing conditions. And it’s going to target cuts at Planned Parenthood and reproductive health care.

We need all the people power we've got to stop this. If everyone makes their voices heard, we can stop this attack on our health care once again! Share this post on Facebook and keep up the fight!

Posted on September 20, 2017.

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