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After his outrageous Trumpcare plan failed, Donald Trump has been actively sabotaging the health insurance market and the Affordable Care Act in any way he can.

He doesn’t want to pay for the program that helps to fund coverage for low-income Americans and keep premiums low.

He’s slashed the budget for advertising and enrollment promotion by 90 percent.

He's cut the open enrollment period in half.

Trump knows the exchanges work best when people sign up for coverage and he thinks that if he can prevent that from happening, he'll be able to score political points down the road.

The ACA exchanges are one of the few affordable options for millions of uninsured women, older, and sicker Americans. We need to spread the word that enrollment is from November 1 to December 15 since Trump won’t.

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The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect – but Donald Trump is sabotaging it, destabilizing the health care market, causing skyrocketing costs, and leading to fewer insurers and less consumer choice.

By eliminating the subsidy payments, the Congressional Budget Office estimates it will actually increase the deficit by $194 billion. So Trump is spending taxpayer dollars to take a sledgehammer to our health care system – and it will cost Americans thousands more in medical bills.

It’s despicable and it’s wrong.

Clearly, Donald Trump doesn’t want people to know these life-or-death dates for enrollment. We know how important this is so share this post on Facebook now!

Posted on October 26, 2017.

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