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Sign the petition: Save Net Neutrality!

If there’s one thing Republicans can get behind, it’s rigging a system to favor the wealthiest and most powerful.

Pay-to-play elections? Check.

Pay-to-play national parks? Yup.

Pay-to-play public safety policy? Where do we sign?

In December, the Republican-led FCC voted to repeal net neutrality, ending the free and open internet as we know it.

Pay-to-play information.

Not on our watch. We’re fighting back.

There’s still time to stop their disastrous policy. Tell the Senate: Save net neutrality!

The FCC’s decision means that big telecom providers can charge more to access some websites than others; they’ll be able to squeeze small businesses, censor content, or block access completely.

The Senate has a few weeks to overturn the FCC’s decision and ensure a free and open internet for all Americans.

Sign our petition! Add your name right now to tell the Senate: Save net neutrality!


Posted on March 7, 2018.

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