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Pruitt - Frying Pan; Wheeler - A different frying pan

Yesterday, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt made the most pro-environment choice of his career. He resigned.

Scott Pruitt's disgraced exit from the EPA gives us hope. Public outcry works! People across the nation came together to call for his ouster. You said NO to rolling back environmental protections. You said NO to science denial. You said NO to corruption and scandal.

You said YES to civil action and democracy.

That's the good news. But:

Pruitt will be replaced temporarily by Andrew Wheeler, who has spent the last ten years as a coal industry lobbyist, fighting to undo decades of progress in US energy policy and environmental protection.

So, Pruitt's departure means that we're trading "an EPA Director who's too cozy with lobbyists for our country's worst polluters" to "an EPA Director who is a lobbyist for our country's worst polluters."

We have to keep up the pressure. It's time to tell Donald Trump to nominate an EPA administrator who's not a puppet of big oil and industry insiders. Someone who cares about clean air and water, believes in science, understands the dangers of global warming, and pledges to uphold the agency's mission to protect the environment.

Our health depends on it. Our planet's health depends on it.


Posted on July 6, 2018.

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