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Every Senate seat counts

There's a very real opportunity to take back the U.S. Senate in November. But only if we hang on to every single seat we already have. That means standing with working families and Democrats across the country to fight back against Donald Trump's disastrous agenda.

Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly of Indiana holds one of those seats – one of the most crucial. Please join me in supporting Senator Donnelly in the face of Republican attacks.

Republicans are funneling big money efforts to unseat Senator Donnelly this year. Recently, both Mike Pence and Donald Trump have traveled to Indiana to rally support for Joe's Republican opponent, a hardline anti-immigrant candidate who is running to be a lapdog to the president.

But Hoosiers and Americans deserve better. Joe Donnelly stands for working Americans. He worked across the aisle to write the "Right to Try" bill that allows people with life-threatening illness to bypass the FDA to access new medications. Just last month, the bill passed and was signed into law. Joe wasn't interested in partisan bickering. He just wanted to help terminally ill patients.

We have got to help Joe Donnelly and send a message to the GOP. Americans are tired of the extremism and we're rallying behind fighters like Joe.

Support the Blue Wave and Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly with a $3 donation.


Posted on July 30, 2018.

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