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Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly under attack for doing the right thing

We need to hold on to every single Democratic Senate seat to stop the Trump administration and prevent another Kavanaugh disaster.

My friend, Senator Joe Donnelly of Indiana, took a brave stand by voting NO on Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Joe represents a state that heavily favored Trump in 2016, but he voted his conscience on Kavanaugh. Joe Donnelly stood up for America and our values. And now we need to stand up for him.

Join me in supporting Senator Joe Donnelly. Pitch in.

The GOP is coming after Joe in attack ads funded by the Koch brothers and dark money. We need to fight back with grassroots support.

Together, we can show that people power is stronger than corrupt corporate bullying. And we can send a powerful message in support of bravery and doing what's right.

Democrats need to take back Congress. Your grassroots contribution for Senator Joe Donnelly is crucial to keep the Trump administration in check.


Posted on October 18, 2018.

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