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A Different Kind of Immigration Wall

The Trump administration keeps coming up with more despicable ways to lock honest, hardworking immigrants out of a path to citizenship.

This time, it's pushing a complicated change in immigration policy that considers how much of a burden a new citizen might place on social services before issuing a green card.

We're talking about Medicaid, subsidized Obamacare plans, food stamps, tax credits or a long list of other non-cash government benefits.

This tougher "public charge" rule raises the bar for citizenship. It also scares legal U.S. resident immigrants into giving up benefits they – and their children – are entitled to because they're afraid it will hurt their chances of becoming citizens.

It's not easy to combine racism, cruelty, and economic self-harm in one policy, but the Trump administration has found a way yet again.

The panic this proposal has created among immigrant families is horrible. Kids are denied necessary healthcare and nutritious meals. People who have been paying taxes and filling key job roles – professionals, teachers, caregivers, entrepreneurs – are being forced deeper into hiding.

You know how strongly I feel about the important role played by immigrants in this country. The vast majority of them are law-abiding contributors to our economy – and this country would not be here without them!

It's not too late to push back against this inhumane change in government policy, and I intend to continue fighting it all the way.


Posted on October 26, 2018.

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