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My first bill this congress: Trump's tax returns

Donald Trump said – falsely – that he couldn't release his tax returns while he was under audit.

He told us – against all evidence – that he wouldn't benefit from the Republican tax cut scam.

He insisted – again, despite the evidence – that he had no financial entanglements with hostile foreign governments.

He declared – absurdly – that he was keeping his tax returns hidden because there was "nothing to learn."

Despite the ever-growing list of red flags and excuses, Congressional Republicans have refused to investigate, and have actually covered for Trump.

Sign my petition: Demand Donald Trump submit his tax returns.

If we've learned anything during the last couple of years, it's this: Donald Trump doesn't keep anything secret unless it benefits him to do so. Are we supposed to believe he's suddenly gotten modest when it comes to talking about his money?

That's why the first bill I introduced for the 116th Congress is my legislation to require every president or presidential nominee to disclose their returns.

We have every right to know if any president has financial conflicts of interest, foreign entanglements, or stands to profit from the presidency.

Every day raises new questions about Trump's financial connections that could influence his policy decisions.

The American people deserve answers, and I won't stop fighting until we get them.


Posted on January 5, 2019.

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