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Well, no surprises here

Last night, we watched as a U.S. president pleaded with Congress and the American people to grant him unchecked power – and in fact, he insisted that our economy depends on Congress abandoning its constitutional oversight duty.

Unfortunately, this is a common theme for a president who imagines himself as all powerful, untouchable, and not beholden to the rule of law.

That's never going to happen on our watch. Chip in to fuel the movement to hold Trump accountable.

Trump's record in the White House speaks for itself. His priority is not the American people. It's not defending our Constitution.

It's his ego. It's power. It's lining the pockets of special interests, his wealthy friends, and especially himself.

But despite what Donald Trump thinks, make no mistake: no one is above the law.

Every day, our movement grows. Are you with us? Chip in now!


Posted on February 6, 2019.

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