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Sign the petition. Tell Congress, "We need a Green New Deal - now!"

Did you know that people first found a correlation between carbon dioxide and global warming in 1896?

More than 100 years ago.

Toward the middle of last century, scientists were raising flags about the danger posed by atmospheric carbon. Imagine if we'd done something then.

By the 1980s, when the international community agreed that we needed to take immediate action to save the planet, lobbyists for wealthy fossil fuel corporations were protecting their profits and muddying the debate with tainted science.

The four decades since have been an increasingly absurd wrestling match, as right-wing extremists have politicized scientific truth.

Now, experts are telling us we have just over a decade to turn things around.

Sign the petition. Tell Congress, "We need a Green New Deal – now!"

We've spent far too much time arguing over ideology disguised as knowledge and greed dressed up as fact.

We've wasted millions of hours and a staggering amount of our energy trying to negotiate incremental solutions that would pass muster with an uncooperative, willfully ignorant opposition.

We don't have the luxury of time or indulgence anymore. We must act ­– boldly, decisively, and immediately.

Add your name to tell Congress, "No more waiting! For all of our sake, pass a Green New Deal!"


Posted on March 10, 2019.

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