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I won't give an inch to Big Pharma

Prescription drug prices – everything from complex new medications to insulin, which has been around for more than 100 years – are soaring.

Not coincidentally, so are pharmaceutical company profits.

But last month, when I asked Big Pharma CEOs why Americans are paying so much while they rake in historic profits, none of them wanted to give me a straight answer. They hedged and stonewalled, patronized and pointed fingers – all the while acting offended that anyone might see a connection between the skyrocketing price of prescriptions and their skyrocketing bonuses.

It was a heck of a performance, but frankly, it just didn't pass the smell test.

This past week, I got to question five major pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) – the "middlemen" who the pharma execs blame for ripping our country off. Sure enough, I heard a lot of the same denials, hollow sympathy, and hand-washing.

I'm fighting back. Hard.

Big Pharma, corporate insurers, and PBMs have built a massive, opaque bureaucracy that sucks in billions of dollars (more every year), and spits out false apologies and contempt for the American people.

This is a fight for people's lives, and I refuse to give even an inch of ground.

It's time to hold bad actors accountable for profiting off of taxpayers and tragedy. I won't stop demanding answers.


Posted on April 14, 2019.

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