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49 out of 4 billion

The first Earth Day was on April 22, 1970. That means today is just the 49th time we've set aside a day to appreciate our planet.

Forty-nine years isn't all that long. You know what's even shorter? 12 years. That's how long scientists say we have to change our habits if we want to head off environmental devastation.

We've got to get moving. That's why I support a Green New Deal. It's also why I'm leading the charge to transform our U.S. tax code away from supporting the dirty energy relics of yesteryear, and into the future to support clean, renewable energy.

The climate crisis demands that Congress take bold steps to cut our consumption of fossil fuels – and our extraction of fossil fuels, which also takes a tremendous toll on our planet.

Here's the thing: Taking bold steps into the future is what our country does best.

Ending our dependence on dirty energy will not only improve the way we power our lives, it'll change the way we power our economy, as new industries spring up to support (and be driven by) wind, solar, and other renewable energy. Our air and water will be cleaner. Our special places will be protected for future generations. And new jobs will be created.

Now's the time to embrace that future.

Climate change is here, it's happening now, and it's affecting all of us. Young people around the world are standing up, demanding real action from their lawmakers, and demanding a better future for generations to come, but they need our help.

Join with us.


Posted on April 22, 2019.

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