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Protecting the foundation of our democracy

Here's the thing: we know that there are other countries who want to undermine our elections; some have already succeeded.

And we know they'll keep trying; they've made their intentions clear.

If someone robs your house and tells you they're going to do it again, you don't leave the doors unlocked.

That's why we must act now.

Sign the petition: Demand Congress protect American democracy and secure our elections!

For years, experts have warned that hostile nations can easily hack into voting machines, leaving our elections vulnerable to interference or outright fraud.

Those machines guard the DNA of our nation. A bad actor who hacks in could pollute our entire democracy – possibly lethally.

Donald Trump – in a stunning combination of ego, incompetence, ignorance, and ill-will – refuses to take steps to make sure our votes are tamper-proof. In fact, his administration's plan is to continue relying on insecure voting machines, even though election and cyber security experts have told us there are cheaper, safer alternatives.

We've got to rein in the Trump administration's reckless approach to elections.

Add your name: Tell Congress to pass legislation protecting our democracy!


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Posted on May 23, 2019.

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