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Grifter in chief

Donald Trump's presidency has been one big con job. His biggest accomplishment to date is funneling millions of taxpayer dollars into his own private businesses.

From day one, Trump has used his political operation and his presidency to direct millions of taxpayer dollars into his family's businesses: their hotels, restaurants, golf courses, you name it.

Meanwhile, middle class families are picking up the tab for Trump's corporate tax cuts while he is living like a king — raking in millions of dollars in profits at our expense. And Republicans in Congress are sitting by and letting it happen.

Chip in now to elect a Senate that believes in serving the people, not swindling them.

Trump has made it clear that he doesn't care about improving access to quality, affordable health care, reinvesting in America's infrastructure, or lowering taxes for the middle class. His mission is to stay rich, and get richer at the expense of American workers.

Unfortunately, Senate Republicans have shown they'd rather abandon any remaining commitment to the rule of law than stand up to Donald Trump.

That's why it's crucial that we keep building the movement to take back the Senate, but we need your help. Please contribute now to make sure we've got the resources we need to win the fight!


Posted on June 17, 2019.

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