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Roy Moore? Again??

Big news out of Alabama: right-wing extremist and accused child predator Roy Moore has announced his campaign to defeat my friend, Senator Doug Jones.

And, while Moore's an absolute disgrace who has no place in public life, he's already lining up big-dollar donors to support his attacks on Doug.

We've got to come together to support Doug. Contribute now to make sure Roy Moore hears us loud and clear.

A quick recap: Moore narrowly lost a special election to Doug Jones in 2017. Despite the fact that Moore is a dishonest former judge and hard-right zealot, was twice removed from the bench for ethical violations, and faced multiple accusations of sexually assaulting children, the Republican Party apparatus mobilized to support him.

Doug Jones, on the other hand, is the former U.S. Attorney who secured a conviction for the KKK members who bombed a Birmingham church and killed four African-American girls.

[In the Senate, Doug has shown that same resolve and moral backbone, standing firm for reproductive choice, commonsense gun safety measures, defending the access to quality, affordable health care, and ending the racist, humanitarian nightmare of Donald Trump immigration policy.]

Doug Jones is a powerful ally and a principled, dedicated representative for the people of Alabama, and he's in for a tough fight against Roy Moore and the wealthy special interests who fund him.

Let's show Doug that our movement has his back! Chip in now to make sure he's got the resources to defend his seat.


Posted on June 22, 2019.

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