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It's all on Mitch

Today, Robert Mueller testified before Congress.

What we knew before he was sworn in:

  • Russia meddled in our 2016 election.
  • Mueller and his team spent nearly two years investigating this Russian interference. They interviewed hundreds of witnesses and charged dozens of people with crimes ranging from perjury to tax fraud to conspiracy against the United States.
  • The Mueller Report did not clear Donald Trump of obstruction of justice.
  • Republicans will go to any length to defend Donald Trump and whitewash the threats facing America's elections.

Today's testimony didn't change any of this.

In fact, Mueller's testimony only reinforced that Russia interfered with our election, and they're going to do it again in 2020. In their questioning time today, Republicans attacked Mueller (an honored, dedicated, respected public servant and lifelong Republican) relentlessly rather than focus on the need to secure our elections from hacking and foreign interference.

My bottom line hasn't changed: we must secure our elections to stop countries like Russia from attacking our country and our democracy.

Just this week, I introduced the newest version of the SAFE Act. This bill is a comprehensive approach to securing our elections, and includes two key provisions that I've been pushing for. First, it will mandate the use of hand-marked paper ballots for all federal elections. Second, it will set mandatory cybersecurity standards for our elections.

These are two common sense actions that Congress can take, and that election security experts have told us would be a huge deterrent to election interference and hacking. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell must commit to bringing it to the Senate floor. Immediately.

I won’t stop fighting until America’s elections are secure.


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Posted on July 24, 2019.

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