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Stephen Miller must go

White House advisor Stephen Miller is a white supremacist.

For a long time, folks have hedged their language, instead saying things like Miller seems sympathetic to white supremacist ideas, or has favored policies supported by white supremacist groups.

There's no room for doubt. And there's no room for his views in our government.

Add your name now to call on Stephen Miller to resign, effective immediately.

This isn't hyperbole inspired by his obscene, dehumanizing policies toward immigrants and asylum-seekers.

It's not an overreaction to his friendship with noted neo-Nazi and white supremacist Richard Spencer.

It's the only reasonable conclusion to the more than 900 emails containing white supremacist sourcing and content he sent to Breitbart, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has been making public.

Sign the petition! Tell Stephen Miller to resign, today!

We have seen the carnage and suffering inflicted by his policies, and if there was ever even a courtesy kernel of doubt before, we can fully say his motivations are not for the safety of Americans, but to maximally punish people of color.

This is a man who pushed for a return to race-based immigration quotas built on discredited eugenics pseudo-science.

He is wholly unfit to be anywhere near decision-making impacting millions of people.

And he has to go. Right now.

America – and the world – has no place for views like his.


Posted on December 7, 2019.

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