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A pro-environment Senate? Imagine that...

n case you missed it, the United Nations released its climate change report a few weeks ago. It... was not good.

  • Global temperatures are on pace to increase by nearly double the limit laid out in the Paris Climate Agreement;
  • We are nowhere near the goals needed to reverse those trends;
  • The effects, like more frequent, more severe natural disasters, extinction of plant and animal species, or entire communities becoming inhabitable, will continue to worsen if we don't stop this immediately.

And, the only thing worse than the findings was how predictable this all was.

It was clear from the moment he took office that Donald Trump not only doesn't care about protecting our environment, he has contempt for those who do.

  • We saw it when he announced his plan to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement;
  • We see it with the endless flood of favors to fossil fuel industry lobbyists;
  • We see it when he attacks a 16-year-old girl who has the "audacity" to fight for a better future.

But Trump can only get away with this because Mitch McConnell lets him.

Nearly two dozen bills addressing our environment, natural resources, and climate have passed the House, only to be held from a floor vote in the Senate. Countless more have been introduced by my Senate colleagues, never to see the light of day.

But we can take his voice away. Chip in today to help take back the Senate in 2020 and put climate champions back in charge.

I've stepped up the fight for a cleaner future in the Senate, pushing to end payouts to billion-dollar fossil fuel corporations, investing in clean energy, and committing to the bold moves necessary to save our planet.

But one man, wielding power through the slimmest of majorities, has continued to reject the will of a strong majority of Americans—all to maintain good favor with Donald Trump, so he can continue having his pockets lined by those profiting off of our Earth's destruction.

We know corporate polluters will do all they can to stop real progress. That's all the more reason to win back the Senate and take the biggest decisions away from their enablers.

Donate today to restore a Senate that believes in saving our planet.


Posted on December 24, 2019.

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