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All the things being left behind

I've got a bold idea. It's not complicated. It's really quite simple.

What if, instead of doing barely anything, the U.S. Senate did the business the American people sent us to Congress to do.

Which is why taking back the Senate is so important. Donate today and let's get it done.

I'm talking about looking out for working Americans, people struggling to get by who don't get a fair shake under McConnell and Trump's agenda.

Fighting climate change? You bet.

Taking on our country's gun violence epidemic. Of course.

Stopping the self-dealing and corruption?

Protecting our democracy from foreign attacks?

Ensuring everyone has a fair shot?


All the things that, under Republican leadership in the Senate, have gone nowhere.

In 2020, we can change all of that. We can and must win back the Senate. And that starts with a strong showing as we close the books on 2019.

We're just $2,542 away from our end of year goal. Please donate $3 today and set us up for a strong finish.


Posted on December 28, 2019.

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