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Cutting down the safety net

I got my start looking out for senior citizens with Oregon's Gray Panthers. So you'd better believe that I'm going to fight tooth and nail against policies that pose a threat to America's seniors.

Which brings me to what's happening right now: the Trump administration is looking to put the screws to America's seniors by tightening the eligibility requirements for disability benefits.

What does this mean? Not much, if you're healthy.

But for people who rely on our social safety net? It's a scary, dangerous time. Because the Trump administration is out to cut corners. In 2017, they blew a $2 trillion hole in the deficit in order to give a handout to Trump's donors and ultra-wealthy golf club buddies. Now, they're looking for ways to cut costs, and your hard-earned benefits are on the chopping block.

First, the administration tried to cut SNAP benefits. Then, they attacked Medicaid. And this time they decided to come for America's seniors and people with disabilities.

The Trump administration wants you to believe that America is better when people can't depend on the government for anything.

But both you and I know that's ridiculous.

A truly great society is one that looks out for all people who call it home. Including people who need support or a little help to get back on their feet.

I won't stand for it. And that's my promise to you: I'll take them on when they come for your hard-earned benefits—be it disability, medical, or social security.

Stay tuned and stay strong. We're in this together.


Posted on January 26, 2020.

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