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A wealth test for immigrants?

How many people have come to America with nothing more than the clothes on their back and hope for a better life?

It's a tale as old as our country: people looking to the United States for the opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their families.

Donald Trump and his allies in Washington D.C. want to permanently shut the door on that dream, denying critical resources and lifelines to immigrant communities. Worse still, their plan was recently validated by Trump's right-wing Supreme Court. This is a wealth test for coming to America, and a war on legal immigration.

If you might need assistance in any way from our government?

Too bad.
Back of the line.
Make way for a someone with a full wallet.

That's not my America, and I know it's not yours. So join me in demanding that Donald Trump reverse this dangerous proposal.

Legal immigration shouldn't be pay-to-play. Full stop.

Our country's next brilliant mind, next innovator, next anything might just be coming from a place far beyond our shores. Under this new rule, their potential is irrelevant—and only matters if immigrants have the cash to back it up.

Denying them is denying what truly made our country great: the contributions of people from across the world who have looked to our shores and want to become a part of something amazing.

My own parents fled Nazi-Germany during World War II. My father served in our nation's military to fight Nazi propaganda. My mom later received her Masters degree and became an economist and researcher at Stanford University. Under Trump's policies, it's families like mine that may have been told to turn around when they made it to Ellis Island.

While I get to work in the U.S. Senate, we need a unified voice across America letting Team Trump how much we disagree with this decision.

Tell Trump to end his war on legal immigration.


Posted on February 12, 2020.

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