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William Barr must resign [Add your name]

From the day he was nominated by Donald Trump to serve as Attorney General, I've sounded the alarm about William Barr's flagrant disregard for the constitution and rule of law.

Attorney General William Barr has gone above and beyond to undermine the constitution — and the truth — to protect Donald Trump:

Lying about the Mueller Report.

Parroting Russian disinformation campaigns.

Attacking the integrity of the law enforcement agents in his own department.

And this week, he added:

Letting Donald Trump's friends off the hook once they've been convicted.

Intervening in any case at the Department of Justice that might conflict with Trump's personal interests.

Creating a clearinghouse for Rudy Giuliani to hand over manufactured dirt on Trump's political opponents.

Barr has proven again and again he's not in it to help the American people. He's in it to protect Trump at all costs.

Sign my petition to tell William Barr: Your time is up. Resign now. America needs an Attorney General who defends the rule of law, not Trump and his criminal buddies.

Bill Barr has made it his mission to slow down, water down, or shut down any effort by the Department of Justice to actually deliver justice.

The American people have had more than enough of this administration's contempt for the law. We need your help to send the message to the Trump administration: enough is enough. We're demanding accountability.

Add your name to tell William Barr to resign. Effective immediately.


Posted on February 17, 2020.

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