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This isn't like any Earth Day we've had before:

Today isn't like any Earth Day we've been through before. Today, all of Earth is truly united in surviving this devastating pandemic.

But a new tomorrow will dawn and we'll need to decide what comes next.

Earth Day is a chance to reflect on that challenging opportunity, to commit to saving our planet not only from this pandemic, but also from the ongoing climate crisis, pollution, and inaction.

Instead of using a global pandemic as a time to fight for cleaner air and cleaner water to protect our health and our environment, Donald Trump has been using the coronavirus as cover to actually step up his war on the environment.

Trump's EPA is looking to reverse or suspend rules that protect clean air and clean water during this pandemic, classifying them as "unnecessary." That includes auto fuel efficiency standards, critical wildlife preservation measures, and limits on mercury and arsenic from coal-fired power plants.

The agency also announced that it will be cutting back enforcement to near-zero, effectively giving big polluters free rein over our air and water.

Trump's head of the Department of the Interior, David Bernhardt has been busy as well, auctioning off rights to our public lands to his friends in the fossil fuel industry and refusing to protect endangered species.

It's just the beginning. Anti-pollution guidelines? Gutting regulations designed to keep our planet healthy? It's what they want during these tough times.

The way forward is clear: it isn't rolling back environmental protections, as we're seeing from the Trump administration during these difficult days. It's redoubling our efforts to fight to reverse the effects of the ongoing climate crisis and ensuring that we have clean air and clean water for generations to come.

I want you to know that, like you, I'm always committed to this fight, to ensuring that we leave our country and planet a better place for future generations. Today, and every day, is another terrific opportunity to renew our pledge to ensure that clean air, clean water, and a health environment aren't just luxuries—they're human rights.

So join our grassroots movement to elect progressive leaders in November that will use the power of their office to fight for our planet, not against it.


Posted on April 22, 2020.

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