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Here's what's next for our movement:

For years, Oregon's Vote-By-Mail system – the first in the nation – has been a beacon for democracy. Now, as the double threats of Republican voter suppression and the coronavirus threaten the integrity of our most important election in decades, Oregon's success in this area must serve as a lesson for every other state across America.

And, now that ballots are out here at home, it's time for us to show the rest of the country just how strong Oregon's democracy is—by ensuring you vote. Remember to mail your ballot or put it in a ballot drop box so it's received by 8 pm on May 19.

Find a Ballot Drop Box

I'm leading the charge in Washington D.C. to pass emergency, national vote-by-mail – because no one should have to risk their life to exercise their rights. Even when we contain the virus and can lift stay-at-home guidelines, voting by mail must be the way forward, so every American can participate in our democracy.

Voting by mail is safe. It's secure. And it empowers people to exercise their constitutional, democratic rights.

Stay tuned. I look forward to having your help in growing this movement at this critical time.


Find a Ballot Drop Box

Posted on May 8, 2020.

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