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This is a democracy, not a mafia state

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio was found guilty of ignoring the laws he'd sworn to uphold, and threatening the people he'd sworn to protect.

Donald Trump let him off with a presidential pardon.

Michael Flynn lied about his contact with a Russian agent and even pleaded guilty.

Donald Trump's Justice Department let him off by dropping further prosecution against him.

Robert Mueller uncovered wrongdoings throughout the Trump administration.

Trump is asking the Supreme Court to block Democrats from having access to materials from the investigation.

It's the disturbing, implicit message out of the Trump administration: break the law, and we'll help you get away with it.

It's why it's so important that, in 2020, we not only reject Trumpism and everything it stands for, but every single Senate Republican who has made excuses for and helped Trump get away with corruption. Chip in $3 today and let's get to work.

Our Founding Fathers knew how important it was to build a system of government that holds officials accountable at every level.

Now that might be a concept that's never crossed Donald Trump's mind, because, his entire life, he's been taught that he can just buy his way out of trouble.

Ruin a business? Walk away. Break the rules? Get away with it. Got a friend in trouble? Rig the system and get them off. That's the Trump way.

It's just what we've seen happen during this pandemic. Trump mismanaged the crisis from the start. To this point, more than 80,000 of our friends and neighbors have died, and the survivors are looking ahead to disastrous social and economic consequences.

Trump's plan? Blame others. Peddle false cures. Wind down the official coronavirus task force while this pandemic is not even remotely under control. Take no accountability while rushing states to reopen.

We must not force everyday Americans to endure another minute of Donald Trump's failures, which is why it's crucial to defeat him and all of his allies this November.

Donate today. Send a message to everyone in the Trump administration: this year is our year.


Posted on May 15, 2020.

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