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Taking back the Senate

Americans agree that our only way out of this crisis is electing true leaders. Leaders who will work together when facing a threat, and support working families, not wealthy special interests.

Unfortunately, we haven't seen anything like that from Mitch McConnell, who's been all too happy to use this pandemic to push his partisan agenda.

While Americans are worrying about our loved ones, our health, our freedoms, and our lives, McConnell is busy rushing Donald Trump's extremist, right-wing judges and nominees through the Senate.

That's not how our democracy is supposed to work. Which is why it's time to do everything in our power to defeat Mitch McConnell and his followers in the Senate this year. Please contribute $3 now to take back the Senate in 2020!

Our grassroots movement grows larger every day. Because, at this moment in our nation's history, we need a movement of concerned, hard-working people.

... people who believe there's dignity in each of us, and that everyone who calls America home deserves to truly live -- not on the ragged edge of life, barely making it paycheck-to-paycheck.

Not partisan schemers looking to score political points while our country is at its most vulnerable.

And we need to start now. Here. With us.

Our movement is leading the charge to elect a working U.S. Senate that will work for the people—not corporate America and wealthy interests. McConnell and Trump are hitting up their special interest funders, looking to make this the biggest, most expensive election in our history.

It won't stop our grassroots movement. Chip in $3 today to show Mitch and Donald we're ready for the challenge.


Posted on May 20, 2020.

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