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A pattern of systemic voter suppression

As Americans head to the polls for primary elections nationwide, many are meeting the same fate: obscenely long lines, understaffed polling stations, broken voting machines - with the worst barriers in communities of color.

These problems aren't just a one-time glitch in our elections. They're a pattern of systematic voter suppression. Because all of these problems have a solution. And that solution is vote-by-mail. But Mitch McConnell refuses to give every American the option to vote-by-mail because he is terrified of relying on a free and fair election.

Election Day foul-ups are part of the Republican strategy to depress turnout. Republicans have spent years implementing policies nationwide to methodically undermine ballot access -- especially for people of color -- making it harder for people to vote.

As long as we rely on in-person voting that we can no longer provide safely and efficiently to every voter, it's going to get worse. The polling place closures, the hours-long wait, the unreliable machines. We know these problems will still be around in November, because that’s the way Republicans want it.

I’m determined to make sure our democracy is strong and healthy enough to withstand all attacks, from COVID-19 to Republican tricks. That’s why I’m leading the fight in Congress for national vote-by-mail, and why Mitch McConnell is so intent on stopping me.

Stand with me. Chip in $8 to keep up the fight for national Vote By Mail, now!



Posted on June 24, 2020.

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