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He's not just on our side; he's leading the charge

When Donald Trump leaves the White House in January, he's going to leave behind one heck of a mess – a recession, a pandemic, a worldwide distrust of our country, a failing respect for the rule of law, and a divided populace.

Rebuilding our country according to our progressive values isn't going to be easy. We need to make sure we've got a strong, principled Senate ready to fight on Day One and my friend Ed Markey of Massachusetts is crucial to winning that fight.

Contribute now to rally behind Ed and make sure we're building a tough, progressive Senate in 2020!

As one of the most powerful and most reliable progressive voices in the Senate, Ed's inspired our fellow Democrats with bold, transformative ideas.

Most recently, Ed co-wrote the Green New Deal, which not only lays out the environmental agenda for our future, but reinvigorated the national conversation on climate change.

He's been at my side every step of the way in the fights for net neutrality and online privacy, and defending the rights of working Americans in the face of Big Data's invasive overreach.

I can't think of anyone I'd rather have on my side in the defining issues of our time. Racial equity, taking on the NRA, working toward peace and nuclear nonproliferation, and expanding access to affordable health care for every American. Ed's not just on the right side of these fights; he's on the front lines, leading the charge.

Chip in now to keep Ed Markey in the Senate!



Posted on June 29, 2020.

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