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You can't win the battles you don't fight

Four. That's the number of Senate seats Democrats need to win to take back the majority from Mitch McConnell. And right now, Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and North Carolina are up for grabs.

The people who've stepped up to run for those seats – Mark Kelly, John Hickenlooper, Sara Gideon, and Cal Cunningham – are the progressive leaders we want fighting for us: compassionate, principled, tough, and hardworking.

And, as of right now, each one is narrowly leading their Republican opponent.

Our support can put them over the top! Please chip in $3 now to bring these four great candidates to the Senate.

If there's no way you can win an argument then your best option is to avoid it completely.

Mitch McConnell knows this, which is why he takes so much pride in being "the grim reaper of Congress". Mitch is relying on the American people not challenging Republicans on how harmful their ideas really are.

If we're going to get the gears of the Senate turning again, we need to get McConnell's hands off the levers.

And that's why we need to flip the Senate this year.

But we'll need to give it everything we've got. Contribute $3 now!

With Mark, John, Sara, and Cal on our side, the Senate will at last be able to debate and pass meaningful gun safety reform, protections for the LGBTQIA+ community, transformative criminal justice reform, election security measures, national vote by mail, and improve health care for every American.

Please chip in $3 now to take back the Senate and make it happen.

This movement is nationwide, and working together, we will take back the Senate.

Team Wyden

Posted on July 10, 2020.

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