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No president should ever attack the people they've sworn to protect.

The president of the United State is openly and enthusiastically attacking law-abiding Americans.

Donald Trump, along with his acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf, have deployed federal agents to Portland like their personal occupying army. The DHS paramilitary force has escalated tensions, stoked violence, shot peaceful protesters, and snatched people off of our streets.

I have joined local leaders in demanding Trump recall them immediately. Trump and Wolf have refused. Instead they've doubled down on their inflammatory rants and threats to our city.

No community should fear violence from their president. No president should ever attack the people they've sworn to protect.

I'm calling for the withdrawal of federal agents from our streets, and an immediate investigation into this administration's attacks on our people and their constitutional rights.

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In solidarity,


Posted on July 19, 2020.

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