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Ban facial recognition AI [Petition]

A study released in December revealed that facial-recognition artificial intelligence (AI) systems consistently misidentified people of color more often than white people – 100 times more often, in some cases.

But federal and state law enforcement continue to use facial recognition software. These flawed tools have contributed to police brutality against people of color.

Sign the petition to end the dangerous use of facial recognition technology in law enforcement!

And now, we have reports that federal agencies are using this technology to surveil peaceful protesters exercising their First Amendment right to speak out against police brutality and racial injustice.

Regardless of whether facial recognition AI correctly identifies someone, its use by police is a direct attack on Americans' constitutional rights. Law enforcement shouldn't be weaponizing this technology against peaceful protesters. Full stop. But, as we're all too aware, when law enforcement fails, it's often Americans of color that pay the price.

Several cities have already outlawed the use of facial recognition by law enforcement, and that's a start. But we need to put stop to facial recognition and other biometric technologies that stifle peaceful free speech and endanger our communities.

Add your name to tell the Trump Administration: Stop Weaponizing Facial Recognition Technology


Posted on August 13, 2020.

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