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Trump's war on seniors

Donald Trump campaigned on the promise that he wouldn't touch Americans' Social Security. Just like the rest of his promises, this one is empty. With Social Security benefits facing a 25% cut in a little over ten years Trump has done nothing to shore up the program, only weakened its foundations.

In reality, Trump's presidency has been four years of gaming and exploiting every possible loophole through which to slash Americans' hard-earned benefits.

And just a few weeks ago, from the comfort of his own golf course, he signed an executive order suspending the collection of federal payroll taxes. Translation: Trump is gutting the programs that fund these earned benefits for hard-working Americans.

If that weren't bad enough, his new assault on the Postal Service is jeopardizing the way millions of seniors receive life-saving medications, and could interfere with some seniors receiving their Social Security checks.

As usual, instead of getting Americans the help they need, Trump is taking this crisis as an opportunity to slash benefits.

It has never been more clear that we need to send progressive leaders to the Senate and White House who will fight to help families get through this crisis.

Trump's heartlessness knows no bounds. He'll move mountains when it comes to helping corporate interests get ahead, but when it comes to helping workers or families, Americans are on their own.

And from day one, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans have defended every vicious impulse, from putting children in cages to excusing Russian attacks on our democracy, to shaking down foreign governments for political favors. If he's re-elected, they'll fall right into line as Trump defunds the Social Security and Medicare programs their constituents rely on.

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Posted on August 19, 2020.

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