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How we move forward. How we fight.

Let me be clear: Despite what they seem to think, fossil fuel corporations do not own this planet. It's not their toy. We don't live in their yard. And yet, every day brings news that Big Oil and Gas have no concern for anyone or anything but their bottom line.

On Monday, we learned that, while the rest of the world is looking for ways to shrink our carbon footprint and save our planet for future generations, the corporate polluters at Exxon are actually planning to increase their carbon emissions by 17% over the next several years.

While fires ravage the West Coast and hurricanes pummel the East and water sources across the country dry up, one of the most profitable corporations in history is planning to make our climate crisis worse so that they can squeeze a few more dollars into their overstuffed pockets.

Here's another example, and it's a difficult one to stomach. Right now, private natural gas companies are using eminent domain and shouting "it's in the public interest" to kick people out of their homes and pave the way for more pipelines. This has been happening in Southern Oregon, where private citizens are being taken advantage of. And you can bet a whole lot of people across the country are facing similar problems.

Again, as fires fueled by corporate polluters' greed drive Oregonians from their homes, those same corporations are forcing other people out of their houses in order to profit – and pollute – even more.

So, how do we move forward, how do we fight? Step one: Senator Merkley and I are teaming up on a plan to protect property rights and slow down these reckless efforts to steamroll Oregonians and Americans.

Our effort aims to restore a balance by giving protections to individuals and families as they face massive corporations. And to slow things down in an era of massive change, where the West is ablaze with the worst fire season we've ever seen.

Because one thing we have to repeat as we get to work each and every day: the climate crisis is real. We're seeing its impact all around us, and it's going to take a full-time effort from each and every one of us if we want to slow it down and save our planet.

I'll be keeping you posted. Because this effort is just a piece of the puzzle, part of our ongoing effort to fight the climate crisis.


Posted on October 7, 2020.

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