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An extreme hypocrisy that threatens our democracy

Today, just eight days before the election, and against the wishes of the American people, Senate Republicans handed Amy Coney Barrett a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

I voted no, both because Barrett is far too extreme to sit on the highest court, and because the McConnell-Trump confirmation process made a mockery of our values and our Constitution.

Amy Coney Barrett is the product of one of the most cynical, hypocritical political processes in our history – a hasty attempt to deprive voters of their right to call the shots in our democracy. Further, it confirms that McConnell and Trump's GOP will cheat and bulldoze their way through any and every rule and norm in our society if it means they can cling to more power.

As for Barrett herself, she's very plainly demonstrated her intention to join justices like Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas in overturning Roe v. Wade, marriage equality, and the Affordable Care Act. Her refusal to answer even the most basic of questions at her confirmation "hearings" speaks volumes.

Her future on the court threatens to reverse decades of hard-won advances and force our most vulnerable populations into second-class citizenship.

As our movement fights across the nation to at last bring an end to Donald Trump's disastrous presidency, Amy Coney Barrett represents a threat to the very underpinnings of our democracy. As we've seen from all that's happened, she has hinted about being open to the idea of presidential self-pardons for high crimes and misdemeanors carried out by our elected leaders while serving the American people.

This is a dark day for justice in America. But we don't have time to mourn; we've got eight days to get out the vote and do everything we can to make sure we take back our government next Tuesday.


Posted on October 26, 2020.

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