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Call it what it is: domestic terrorism

Since the moment he took office, Donald Trump has presented a clear and present danger to the United States. He's spent every day of his presidency debasing the truth and undermining our democracy, all the while fanning the flames of violence and fanaticism. And for those same four years, Republican lawmakers have enabled him every step of the way.

Yesterday, we witnessed the result.

For two months, he's amped that mob up with lies and demagoguery. And yesterday, he set them loose on the United States Capitol. As his thugs tore through the building, Trump told them, "We love you."

Donald Trump can't remain in office one minute longer.

Trump's Cabinet must immediately use the 25th amendment to act. Should they fail to do their duty and hold him accountable, Congress must act. The Senate is ready to receive articles of impeachment from the House should they act to impeach this dangerous man.

Trump has torn our nation apart long enough, and we have to use every means at our disposal first to remove him and hold him accountable for his role in yesterday's violence in Washington.

In solidarity,


Posted on January 7, 2021.

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