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Fixing what's broken in our democracy [PETITION]

In 2020, we saw how fragile American democracy really is. Faced with both an election of terrific consequence and a global pandemic, Republicans around the country closed polling places, purged voter rolls, and tried every trick in the book to keep Americans from heading to the polls.

Which leads me to one critical point: Congress must strengthen our democracy and make it easier for people to vote. Sign the petition and demand that they take action right now.

We're calling it the For the People Act. And that's exactly what it is: for the people.

As you saw last year, Donald Trump and his allies tried to do everything they could to first make it harder for people to vote, then outright steal an election he lost.

We know Republicans will try to do it again, which means we need to address election reform right away. Starting with expanding voting at home access, increasing funding for election security, shoring up voting technology, making registration easier, and making voter purges more difficult.

Greater participation in our elections benefits everyone. Still, Congressional Republicans are trying to stop any effort at reform. Stand with us: add your name to our growing coalition behind making our elections safer and more accessible.

Together, we're going to protect the integrity of every vote. Our democracy depends on it.


Posted on February 26, 2021.

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